The following is a Statement from Aaron Taylor Harvey about his Video Project, Cinemathequetonics:

I came to Graduate School after a Bachelor’s in Cinema and four years spent in Los Angeles working in the film industry as a storyboard artist. When applying to grad school, I went out on a limb and submitted a great deal of that work, expanding on the potential of the intersection of Film and Architecture in the accompanying essay. Once school had begun, I discovered I was hardly the first to see this copesetic relation. I dug deeper and found a richness of research and discussion that I could leverage across many semesters of output.

I created this film as a substitute for my “thesis talk” in the penultimate semester of Graduate School. I surprised the room when instead of standing before them with prepared notes, I simply hit “play.” The film was well-received but what I didn’t realize at the time is that it was less of a thesis statement for a specific execution and more of a personal design manifesto, an articulation for space-making and architecture’s relationship to the visual culture. These ideas continue to motivate me 10 years later as the Executive Creative Director of the Environments Team at Airbnb, designing offices and events. I hope others can find inspiration in the film and I welcome further discussion.

link Cinemathequetonics