“It is a symptom of the emotional of our time, man us unease, something is bothering him and whenever something bothers him, man reacts, but he reacts daily, only on erotic impulse, and he is unhappy.”
Michelangelo Antonioni 1962
Antonioni explore the existentialist dilemma of modern men. He humanises characters with personalities and uses them as devises to show phycological complexities to show unstable neurotic personalities of our time. Melancholia, incommunicability, emptiness, alienation.


Living in bad faith means not living authentically, convincing oneself that there are no alternatives and pretending that something out there has meaning.
– Jean Paul Satre
Monica Vitti in the role of Giuliana, she alone has to carry the burden of the film. Giuliana is the neurotic wife of an engineer in the new industrial Ravenna. But Antonioni means her to be much more than that: she is meant to symbolise man’s inability to come to terms with modern life, to represent an ever-widening split between science and morality, between technology and the emotions.