Harmony Korine

Spent some time this morning on youtube going through Harmony Korine interviews. It was interesting seeing how far he has come and how he grew as an artist.

Like everyone else I found out about him with KIDS, and followed him through out his career except for the brief time he disappeared in the early 2000s except for the time I saw him in London hanging out at a tent when David Blaine was hanging from the glass box Not much was heard from him other than the odd Hollywood gossip.

What inspires me most about him and his work is that it’s constantly evolving and exploring different mediums. Also the fact the he continues to always keep busy making something or constantly experimenting. What I found out later was that during the time he wasn’t making any news he was going through a troubled time in his life. Which he was able to come out of a better mature artist.

Through these videos one could get an idea how he grew as an artist.

Harmony Korine on David Letterman ’95 doing publicity for kids

Harmony Korine on David Letterman ’97 doing publicity for his book ‘Crack Up At The Race Riots’

On Epicly Later’d
With Marc Moran

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